Monday, January 26, 2015

New Earring Monday '15: Weeks 3 & 4

Hello all...looks like I am back to designing! And I have my friend, Sarajo of Sj Designs Jewelry to thank for it!

You see, she tagged me to post something I created for five consecutive days. (She said she had seen enough cake pics or something like that ;) )

I posted some pics of my older favorites, and I desperately missed my beads and my creating time. It does give me a very different, joyful kind of high!

A friend of mine wanted one of the older designs I had posted, and she was visiting me last weekend. Perfect inspiration at the perfect time! She was here for a swim meet with another friend, so I made two pairs for both of them.

Here they are...

This first pair is made with Heather's Humblebeads, and I realized two days after gifting them to my friend that they were Marsala color!

This second pair is what my friend had requested. The ceramic beads are by Marti Conrad of Marti's Beads and Buttons.

Well, thanks Sarajo! These were infinitely more satisfying and guilt-free than cake will ever be!

I have to thank Sarajo yet again for getting me blogging too! She is hosting a year long blogfest called "New Earrings Monday", which this post is intended for. You can find the other entries below..

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Big Four-Oh And Kiva

All these years, the only time I ever felt like, "oh my, I feel old" was when I started 8th grade. At age 13, I wondered just HOW did I get so far? And that feeling stayed with me for a couple years! But since then it has been smooth sailing, the 20s were welcomed enthusiastically, 30s were mostly ignored: I still looked and felt like I was in my mid-20s. Plus I had three older sisters..who would, well, always be older, consequently making me feel younger. I always believed that I would age gracefully, knowing how to handle it.

I was absolutely...WRONG! 3 months before my birthday, I got glasses. My eyes were probably weak for a while, I just decided to do something about it only now. While I had been planning my 40th birthday for a while, the realization of what it meant only hit me when I got the glasses. 4 decades! Having had a pretty healthy life so far, the signs of aging took me by surprise. I started having these chains of thought where I would be old and frail with no one to be with me. Pretty intense reaction to getting glasses, I know! The big day is on April 18th.

I tried to calm down and took stock of life so far. The picture was quite rosy. Loving family, fun and loyal friends, good jobs throughout, sprinkled with a fair amount of travel, and more materialistic things than I would ever want need. Absolutely no complaints or regrets here! I thought about what I would like to do that would make this year more meaningful.

I have always been socially conscious, thanks to my philanthropic parents. I have helped out with donations mostly towards education and children's welfare. I have been disappointed with quite a few of the organizations I have supported (and hence stopped supporting), and right now the number has dwindled to two: Project Why and Kiva.

For those that don't know about Kiva (get out from under your rock, NOW!):
It is a non-profit organization that works with microfinance institutes to provide lending services to those most in need! You could lend as little as $25 and make a BIG difference. If you look at the profiles of the borrowers, you can be assured that your loan will make a difference not just to one individual, but to an entire family. It may even turn the course of life for their next generation! All with $25, which you actually get back!

The repayment rate is 98% - and this 2% loss is most often due to currency exchange loss, which the borrower has no control over. I have been lending since 2009. I have put in only $128 so far, which have been going around (repayment and relending) allowing me to help change the lives of 40 families! The $128 has become equivalent to $1100!

When I looked at the numbers, I was ashamed that I had only put in $128 in 5 years. To change that, I am going to make a new loan each month. And to supplement that, I have also started a campaign where, YOU can also get into this addictive, feel-good habit! Here are the details of my campaign:

Instead of getting gifts this year, I wish to raise $300 in loans by April 19th, 2015. This is a $25 loan by 12 people. You will get the loan back, and you may choose to either keep it or re-lend (I would recommend re-lending...see how $128 provided a $1100 value??)
Someone asked me whether I was hoping to find new "lenders" vs new "loans". I just meant new "loans", if you are an existing Kivan, and wish to make a loan through my campaign, I'll be glad :)

Here's a touching video that will definitely convince you in case my words did not

You can empower people around the world by making a $25 loan on Kiva. 

Hoping to raise well beyond my goal!
Thank you :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014






1. the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness:

to uphold the justice of a cause.
2. rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim or title; justness of ground or reason:

to complain with justice.
3. the moral principle determining just conduct.
4. conformity to this principle, as manifested in conduct; just conduct, dealing, or treatment.
5. the administering of deserved punishment or reward.
6. the maintenance or administration of what is just by law, as by judicial or other proceedings:

a court of justice.
7. judgment of persons or causes by judicial process: to administer justice in a community.

The above definition has been pasted directly from
Why am I talking about this? Because I feel that these definitions are confined only to the pages of a dictionary. In reality, the word is worth nothing. It is just a sequence of characters when it comes to crimes against women.
All of a sudden, I wonder why, no matter where I look, I am hearing about rape. 
I read books (The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo series), its about rape in Sweden, I read news and blogs, they are about rape in India, I listen to NPR radio, and I hear about rape in Brazil, I watch movies, they are about rape (in chronological order: Amar (1954), Ghar (1978), Highway (2014), Mardani (2014)...60 years of rape!!!).
Its interesting how justice is dealt with in each of these stories. The news, blogs and NPR show are of course, true stories, and the others fiction, but isn't fiction always based on fact?

Thinking a little bit about all these sources and stories have me confused. I don't know how justice is defined anymore. It seems it is different for different people. 
What prompted this post though, was the movie Amar...from 1954. There are three main characters: a well respected lawyer, his educated fiancee and a poor milkmaid. In the first 10 minutes of the movie it is established that the lawyer is morally upright. He advises a rich client that he has committed a crime and he should confess even though there were no witnesses. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, this lawyer rapes that poor milkmaid. What led to this? She was trying to escape a local goon who was desperately in love with her and wanted to marry her and ends up seeking refuge in the lawyer's house. The lawyer who had once called her dirty and stinky, rapes her. Which apparently is better than being raped by the goon..who loved her and supported her even after it was known that she was pregnant as a result of this rape. It was 1954, everyone shuns her, but this goon. He still wants to marry her, but she says she's already married (!!!!!!!!!), she prays for the lawyer's recovery when he is ill (barf!) The goon ends up dead in a fight with the lawyer when he goes to avenge her. SHE takes the blame for the murder. And finally the "righteous" lawyer confesses. Does he go to jail? Oh no! He marries the milkmaid...who wanted that all along.
HOW??? What logic is this?? The goon's love was wrong because he was a goon, and the lawyer's rape was ok because he was a lawyer? What would have been the outcome had it been the other way round? What if the goon had raped the lawyer's fiancee? Would SHE be glad to marry him? We all know the answer to that.

I am very thankful that the situation is different now than it was 60 years ago. Slightly different, but different. At least the victims don't think marrying the rapist is the way out. Thankfully (or rather, hopefully), the victims are not as stigmatized as they were, lets say, a decade ago. At least not all of them are, I believe most still are.

Coming to a more recent movie on the topic, Highway. It speaks of child abuse. A very influential man repeatedly rapes his friend's daughter. She tells her mother, who tells her to hush. (We would like to believe this is fiction and that mothers would not do this, right? But we all know the stark reality)
The girl speaks out as an adult, and is again asked to hush. She doesn't this time and leaves her parents' home. Is the "uncle" punished? Nope. 

Now moving on to the news reports. The most talked about one is the Nirbhaya case from December 2012. There was a big hue and cry, the rapists were arrested. A commission was set up to inquire into this, and laws were changed. The case went into fast track, and they were all sentenced, some to prison, some were given the death sentence. One even died in jail, how he died is open to speculation. The accused appealed and their death sentences have been stayed INDEFINITELY. Ladies and gentlemen, justice has been served!

There are countless other stories where justice has been served according to the books, cases are closed, but that justice would definitely not fit into any of the definitions above. 

In 60 years, from 1954, where justice meant marrying the rapist, we have moved to 2014 where justice means stayed executions. I wonder why the progress is so slow. The justice meted out changes, but the ugly face of the crime stays the same. How about we try to eradicate the crime itself then?

I think it is the women themselves who can bring about change. No one else. If they have managed to move from lives that they led in kitchens in foot-long ghunghats to lives they lead in boardrooms in power suits, they can definitely change this situation as well. They did not make this move all on their own of course. They were helped by their parents and teachers, friends and colleagues, spouses and children. And these are the same people who can empower them again! 
Parents need to stop setting different standards for their sons and daughters. If its ok for the son to stay out late, then it should be for the daughter too. If they trust the boy to be responsible, they should instill that same confidence in the girl too. They need to teach their daughters how to take charge of their own safety, be smart about it. A friend of mine said her father took her to a bar and made her taste all different types of alcohol. He knew he could not stop her from drinking at some point in her life, and he also knew the dangers of ignorance. So he taught her the difference between a regular drink and one spiked with god knows what. That is good, sensible parenting! And parents need to teach their sons to look at women as human beings, as their friends. I am glad to see this is already happening in the younger generation of educated kids. Boys are definitely more respectful of their female friends. And they are actually friends, regular, wholesome, friends, nothing more, nothing less! Not like when I was in school where even talking to a boy was sinful!

Schools should have courses in self defense, for both boys and girls. In the Nirbhaya case, she was accompanied by a male friend who was also beaten up. Now imagine that they both were trained to defend themselves. Things might have been different. I am not expecting Bollywood style fights where one person takes down twenty with a single kick, but it certainly helps to know where to kick and how to kick. A small can of pepper spray can go a long way. I have a friend who actually managed to tackle a potential rapist and sent him running with his tail between his legs. So it has been done before by one and it can be done by all!

Now, lets talk why rapists feel It is about shame. Objectively speaking, rape is a crime. Just as robbery is a crime. Subjectively speaking, its a whole different ball game. If you do not ostracize someone who has been robbed, then why do that to a rape victim? When you are ok telling your friends about a car that was stolen, then why are you ashamed of speaking up about molestation? Yes, rape is definitely more personal and violates a person way more than robbery does, but a crime is a crime is a crime. And the victim did not commit the crime, and is no way at fault!!!!! Removing the stigma associated with rape will go a long way in making the world a safer place. Thieves know that if someone sees them in the act, they will call the cops, they will be punished. Whereas rapists are confident no one will speak of their crime. See how we are actually enabling them?

Finally, people need to know what steps to take if they know victims or are victims themselves. The government needs to step up here, make the laws more people friendly, make hotlines available, take rapid action, and basically let rapists know that they cannot just get away with it. This is very difficult to do in a country like India, but we can at least try! Success of any type is better than nothing at all, right?

I agree this is a very different matter from that of women being educated and financially independent. One is about rights and the other is about crime that exists in all levels of society, across all age groups. And it is also about awareness, about confidence, about that innate strength that women have. If anyone can bring about a change, it is us! Instead of pleading to men and the government and to whoever else to protect us and help us, we need to take preventive actions ourselves. The cure may or may not happen, but prevention is definitely somewhat in our hands.

Rant over. Do I think I will see anything change in my lifetime? No, I don't plan to live another 60 years!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Waxed Linen Blog Hop

I have always loved fiber arts and anything with vibrant colors. In fact, I started making jewelry because I wanted to crochet some earrings. While making them, I realized how intimidating threads actually are to work with...other than with needlework and embroidery. I just was not comfortable finishing them, kept feeling everything will open up and fall apart. I did make jewelry with it in spite of my fear, but never got comfortable with it. I bought books and read all about it, I read tutorials and saw other people do it, yet, I could not trust that my work won't fall apart. Until the bead cruise...when I met Erin Siegel and took a class with her. She made it all look so easy. While I am still not as skillful as I would like to be with it, my fear is definitely gone.

Another friend I met on the cruise, Suburban Girl - Diana Ptaszynski. She was helping Erin with her class and fell in love with waxed linen as well...and thus happened this blog hop! She asked who else wanted in on all the waxy, lineny fun, 42 folks rsvp'ed for the party, and here we are :-)

My first entry is this pair of earrings.

Simple earrings that go with this necklace. I made it before I signed up for the hop, so they are not officially part of the reveal, but here it is for the sake of completeness..

I took the necklace me on the cruise to get some input from Erin about the closure. I had made this necklace for a friend who has a young baby, and he likes to yank all the pretty colorful things she wears. I needed to make it baby proof. And Erin did show me how to reinforce it. But I don't have a picture :(

Moving on...I made a knotted necklace to match a pair of earrings a friend bought from me. The earrings were purple and yellow, and I found the perfect lavender cord in my stash to make the necklace with. I made it, and added a loop like Erin had taught me. But I am not a good student. And I am also a very stingy economical person. I hate wasting materials, and ended up cutting less cord than I needed for the loop. Ended up with this super ugly loop while trying to add more cord to what I already had. Don't even ask what I did. It was so wrong!

But I trudged along and finished the necklace. Only to see that it was too long. I wanted to make a choker and what I ended up with was just not right. So I tried opening the knots. Yes, I know, laugh away. I didn't even manage to open a single one. I had used up all the beads I had, so I had to cut each bead out of my work (all the while the miser in me cringing about the wasted cord!). I did it all over again, and this time made a different loop. Just strung some small seed beads instead of doing the half-hitch knot. Here's the final product..

I really like this necklace for two reasons:
1) I had wanted to make a color-blocked piece for the longest time, and this is just a perfect example.
2) I hate the luscious colors of the cord sometimes get lost in a design. It can be seen very nicely in the yellow section, so that goal also achieved :)

And then I had this cord lying around. It had come with a gorgeous marble pendant which I made a fitting necklace for (that's for another challenge, so can't show it here). And I had the pendant all wrapped and lying around for a while too. So I put the two together and made this:

The pendant is from Southern Gals Designs. It is a gorgeous pendant, lots of details and colors in there. I should say it "was" a gorgeous pendant. I wore it today on my trip to New Mexico. I admired it my entire flight. And somewhere between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, my worst fears were realized. The knot opened up, and the pendant fell off. I didn't even realize it! Am so so sad about it. The necklace looked fantastic.

Oh well...

There's more...the best one!

Diana, Erin and I visited our friend Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf when our ship anchored in Florida. Barbara gave each one of us a little box of beads which came in a cute little bag, which was tied shut with a handmade wood pendant, which was strung around cord. Her stepfather cut them for her from different hardwoods from his wood pile in Pennsylvania, and Barbara wood-burned them. So its a  very special pendant!

I used a thicker cord for this...added African bone and brass beads, seed beads and my favorite part: little brass bells! Yes, they jingle! A friend has already claimed this necklace and I will be making matching earrings as soon as I get home from New Mexico.

A big thanks to Diana for hosting this party! I know its a lot of work and its much appreciated :)

Here are the other participants:

Diana Ptaszynski  <-- The Gracious Hostess

Kelly Morgan
Jayne Capps

Friday, May 9, 2014

The 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party! Party Time!!!

Annnd....its reveal time!!

First off...a HUGE thanks to Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for hosting this hop in spite of all the health issues she has been having in the past few months. Thanks, hugs, and lots of love, Lori!

This is the third time I am participating in this blog hop, and it keeps getting better every time!
For those of you new here...Lori pairs up partners, and we exchange bead soups. The soup must contain at least one focal and one clasp, and we need to use them both in our creations in some way or another.

My partner this time around is the super talented Miss Kari Asbury..
Here's a recap of what she sent me:

Kari sent me two clasps and whoolllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee lot of focals! I knew right away that I was going to use the peacock focal. And of course the wonderful key clasp.

I went to the bead cruise right after I got these beads, and took them see the Bahamas, you know ;)

I worked on the pieces a bit over there...and used some of the door prizes and goodies I got on the cruise for my creations. Here's me in a mini pajama party in my cabin with Diana (Suburban Girl Beads), Erin (she's behind the camera) and Terri :-)

This is what I made at the pajama party...I used one of the ribbons Kari sent me. Paired it with a house bead by Heather Powers.
I know...this is too simple...hang gets better ;-)

And then we had a costume contest, where I was runner up...I won a big bag of beads! And then we had door prizes...where I won some beads from Ema Kilroy :-) (EmaKDesigns) And I learned some hammering techniques...And I used them all to come up with this:

I used one of the clasps that Kari sent. And the little spacer beads are part of Ema's door prize.
(Hang gets better...)

I hammered a bail for it...and used Ema's beads again in the rings that hold it all together.
The chocolate pearls (they are a dark brown..the color is not showing up right here :( ) are from my win from the costume party.

And here it is in all its glory :-)

Yeah, I know ya love it ;-) Am bummed about the chocolate pearls not showing up properly :(

Moving on...
The clasp had me stumped for a while. I had suggestions of making a bracelet out of it, but it looked too big on my wrist. And in my world, everyone is my size, and likes what I like. So..that idea didn't work.

I had taken a knotting class with Erin Siegel on the cruise, and not sure how, but I ended up deciding to make a knotted necklace with it. I used wood and metal beads (some of the metal ones are leftovers from her class) to maintain the rustic feel of the pendant (yes, we shall now call it a pendant, not a clasp)

So here it is:

I could not quite remember what Erin had said about how much length of cord I need to use (some formula based on what the end length is to be) and fell short of cord, so will have to rework this a bit. I will not say what's wrong with this, if you can find it...shhhh...don't tell ;-)

Here's a few more pictures of the necklace, I was just having fun with photos :)

Not sure why this is showing upside down, I tried fixing it, but it won't budge. Oh well

So that's what I have so far! Thanks so much Kari! I know I am going to have so much more fun with the rest of the things you sent me!

And now you (who are not Kari), go on over to her blog to see what she's been upto:
Kari Asbury of Hippie Chick Designs (blog / etsy)
In case you would like some of these tiles for yourself, here's the link to Kari's component store: Asbury Avenue Designs.

And here's who else is partying with me!
Lori Anderson, Hostess

Tina Bosh                        
Kristina Hahn Eleniak       
Kari Asbury                     
Kris Binsfield                   
Cheryl Gangle                  
Amber Dawn                   
Michelle Wigginton           
Kayla Potega                    
Becky Pancake                 
Debbie Rogers                   
Jenny Kyrlach                   
Genea Crivello-Knable       
Deborah Read                   
Julianna Cannon                
Lisa Liddy                        
Debbie Rasmussen            
Iveth Caruso                     
Rana Wilson                     
Corrie Williams                 
Linda Anderson                
Miranda Ackerley             
Andra Weber                   
Loretta Carstensen            
Penny Houghton               
Tania Hagen                     
Robin Reed                      
Laurie Vyselaar                 
Rachel Baron                    
Erin Guest                         
Emma Todd                                  
Kelly Schermerhorn                  
Dana Hickey                                  
Rebecca Ednie                             
Marybeth Rich                             
Sherri Levinton                            
RaMona Woolson                      
Jo-Ann Woolverton                   
Audrey Belanger                        
Candida Castleberry                  
Renetha Stanziano                    
Carolyn Chenault                        
Toltec  Jewels                              
Diana Welte                                  
Jean A. Wells                                
Bev Breisinger                             
Autumn Adams                           
DiYana Alcalde                             
Patty Gasparino                          
Karen Mitchell                             
Regina Santerre                          
Dhea Powers                               
Jayne Capps                                 
Keri Lee Sereika                          
Melissa Trudinger                      
Elsie Deliz-Fonseca                    
Jeanne Steck                                
Carolyn Lawson                           
Kay Thomerson                           
Maybeline Tay                             
Jackie Locantore                         
D'Arsie Manzella                         
Jacqueline Marchant                
Beccy Peterson                           
Katie Nielson-Nunez                 
Heidi Kingman                             
Andrea Glick                                 
Rose Johnson                              
Nicole Demore                            
Marti Conrad                                
Marianna Boylan                        
Mitzie Crider                                
Christa Murphy                           
Alisa Siceloff                                 
Maria Rios                                     
Tracy Martin                                 
Nan Emmett                                 
Jelveh Jafarian                                
Ali McCarthy                                 
Jennifer LaVite                            
Dolores Raml                                
Valerie Kravette                         
Bobbie Rafferty                          
Kathleen Breeding                     
Kristi Brokaw                                
Lisa Suver                                      
Natalie Moten                             
Jami Shipp                                     
Diana Shiraishi                             
Heather Otto                               
Ghislaine Kruse-van Erp          
Lisa Knappenberger                  
Charlene Jacka                            
Patty Miller                                   
Sandi James                                  
Marianne Hurley                        
Cris Peacock                                 
Andrea Rivers                              
Gloria Allen                                   
Kandice Seeber                           
Janine Lucas                                 
Sandy Richardson                       
Hajer Waheed                             
Cynthia Abner                             
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Julie Bowen                                  
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Sandi Volpe                                  
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Mandi Effron                                
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Eszter Czibulyas                          
Sylvia Lupberger                         
Divya N                                           
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