About Sadafulee

I happened to enter the world of jewelry design quite by accident. All I wanted to do was crochet some earrings for my friend. I was looking for patterns, and ended up in Etsy for the very first time. The rest, well, just happened :-) I made my first pair of earrings (yes, the were crocheted, and the only crocheted ones I have made since then) in March 2011, and I have not looked back since then.

My jewelry was getting quite popular among my friends who insisted that they pay for it. This helped me weave in another one of my goals...to help the children on Project Why.

Project Why is a New Delhi based organization working with slum kids in the area. I have been involved with them for a few years now, but only so far as making donations as needed. I wanted to do more, and making jewelry for the benefit of the kids turned out to be the perfect idea!

Here's a short video about Project Why, you can see why I love them so!

I named my "brand" Sadafulee. It is the name of the periwinkle flower in Marathi, an Indian language.
I had always loved this flower. Loved it for its simplicity, loved it for how happy it looked! (I think daisies look very happy too, and roses look pretentious).
I told a friend of mine about the name. She is a landscape architect, and this is what she said about it:
SADAFULI, vinca rosea or Periwinkle is a happy-go-lucky small shrub. It cares not for the world. It rejoices in sun or rain, or the seaside, in good or indifferent soil and often grows wild.

I absolutely loved it! It very accurately describes how I feel when I am creating...happy-go-lucky, rejoicing, and often wild! And the name also ties in very well with the main purpose of starting my business: to help the children of Project WHY!.

I hope I can help the children bloom, just like the Sadafulee!

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  1. I was meant to be here at this time!! I came looking for the Bead Soup reveal and found Project Why!! I am sharing this on my Face Book Page and I want to get involved!!