Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5th Bead Soup Blog Party!

So so so thrilled to be part of this!

I just put up the post with a brief history of my entry into the jewelry making world.
What kept me interested and curious for almost a year were these super-talented ladies whose blogs I have been lurking around at for the longest time.

Had been following blog parties and challenges where the talent on display was simply unbelievable. Secretly wishing and hoping to be part of it all one day...I am part of it now!

I registered for the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party, and wonder of wonders, I was selected too! So what is this bead soup!?

It is hosted by Lori Anderson who says..."Life should be full of beautiful experiences and pretty things!"
In her own words:
The Bead Soup Blog Party is about exchanging beads with a person, a "bead soup" as it were, and you have no idea what you'll get, so it will help push you out of your comfort zone, and have you think about beads you may never have chosen yourself. 

Lori has selected my partner...and this is what I need to do:
  • Send a beautiful clasp (no lobster claws)
  • Send a beautiful focal, which is defined as something that can be used as a necklace centerpiece or bracelet centerpiece.
  • Send coordinating beads to go with the focal. Not a whole kit, but something I think would co-ordinate well.
Samples that she has put up already have my brain cells jumping into action.
Want to see? Here:Bead Soup Samples

200 people are participating! Imagine all the goodness that will be on display come March when the participants will display what they made with their "bead soup".

I have been paired with Kat White of Shiny Moon Beams

Off to figure out what I will send to her!

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