Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunshine, Premio and Appreciation Awards

I have been really reallly bad with blogging lately :((

And a bit (ok, more than a bit) ungrateful to Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers who has been putting in so much work to create these awards. But I will take my apologies to her personally, in private, and do what this post is about!

Cynthia received three fabulous awards from Marcela at Fashionadictas. 
 Here's what she got - Sunshine, Premio Colors and Appreciation.

She gave each of these to me as well, and did an entire post about me as well (yes, my head hangs somewhere close to my knees (and not lower because that's as far as my back will take me), ashamed I did not blog about it) here:
Blogger Award Feature: Sadafulee Always in Bloom
Thank you, Cynthia!!!! 

She gave this award to 6 others, and here are the blog posts about them. Do take a few minutes and visit them too!

Blogger Award Feature: BIKBIK & RORO
Blogger Award Feature: New End Studio
Blogger Award Feature: All The Pretty Things
Blogger Award Feature: One Kiss Creations
Blogger Award Feature: Theresese's Treasures
MISS VAL'S CREATIONS - I think her blog post is coming tomorrow.

Cynthia is fairly new to blogging and wanted to show her appreciation for her fellow bloggers, and to do this, she created a set of 5 supercool awards! And 6 of us are co-hosting a blog hop tomorrow with Cynthia to give these away.

She's created some awesome graphics for them:

And since I am writing this intro post when I should be writing the awards post...I will end this one here and move on to that one.

Once again! Thank you, Cynthia!!!


  1. Thanks Kashmira! what a lovely post, and such kinds words :) happy hopping today!

  2. Babe, thank you for thinking of me and my blog for the award. Am also very touched by all the nice things you had to say :)