Saturday, September 1, 2012

Challenge of Travel Blog Hop

I recently went to my first, and my very dear old blog...where I talked, talked and talked! Literally! I talked about every single thing :-)
You want to see, huh? Ok...go here: Me Wanna Talk, Talk and Talk (yeuap, [<--that is a new word I just coined ;-)] that is the name of my blog)

There was a "thread' going on at the time...write your memoirs in 6 words. Here's what I wrote:

Seen some (of the) world...wanna see all!
Ok, I cheated. I got 8 words, so sue me :)

Travel, as far as I can remember, is what I lived for. Not just me, my entire family. We inherit that from my mother. She grew up in a very small village in India. She has seen almost all of India. And has been to Nepal, Mauritius, Maldives, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Dubai, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, USA (more states than I have been to living here!), UK, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, get the idea, right? And my parents took my sisters and me to most of these places. We got through each day just waiting for the next vacation. School was just something that happened in between vacations.

While visiting Switzerland, we went to a watch factory. We all looked at all the pretty watches, but didn't want any. The salesgirl there said to my Dad that he should buy each of us an expensive watch. Dad said, I am not a very rich man (he lied), I would rather spend my money showing my girls the world and give them lifelong memories than buy a trinket. Forever grateful to you for this, Dad, FOREVER! (Dad did buy us watches too. He can never refuse us anything!)

Every time I go back home (home will always be India, that will NEVER change), no matter WHAT time it is, the FIRST thing I do is pull out old photo albums and see my happy family posing in front of different landmarks all over the world. Every single time...for the last 15 years, this is what I do!

Anyway, so that's where my memoir comes from. Want to know how much progress I have made? Not much. The last GOOD vacation I had was in 2009 to Egypt.  I was in India for work during Thanksgiving. I had my official holiday during those days, even if my Indian colleagues did not. Dad helped me again. He got me reservations on a package tour to Egypt for 7 days. My first vacation alone! It was SO much fun, and I am SO glad I did it! Here's a few pics:

I saw some places I had always dreamed of! I went here and checked off the FIRST thing on my bucket list. See the pyramids. Check!

Met some famous "people" (he may be famous, but I have the better nose, don't you think?) (Do you think THIS is what Rowlings was thinking when she robbed You-Know-Who of his nose???)

Discovered that Nefertiti was copying my hairstyle (nah, that's probably not her, I don't remember who that is. In fact, I know this is a statue of a gal and not a guy only because there is no fake beard hanging on the chin)

 Dressed like her too....

Shopped the bazaars

Cruised the legendary Nile!

 Even danced with a whirling Dervish!

Sigh...what an amazing trip. And since then? Nothing :(((
Have not traveled in a long time, for various reasons.

Erin of Treasures Found organized a travel blog hop inspired by the Olympics! I saw the call to sign up, but did not. Me...who signs up for everything, did not sign up for this. For life! I guess it meant I would have to look up details of the country I was assigned, yearning to go there, and hurting that I can't/won't. It would hurt a lot! But I read one, just ONE post from the participants, and look what I am doing instead of hopping. Getting nostalgic and reliving Egypt. Its 12:30AM, I have a flight to catch tomorrow morning to go to LA to visit my niece (does NOT count as travel, although I am really looking forward to it, love that girl!), I have not packed, don't even KNOW what I am going to pack, and here I am, reliving Egypt. I think the takeaway from this is...a promise to do what makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me come alive! All those promises = promise to make that memoir come true! 

Seen Some, Want To See All!

(By the way, my mother still complains to Dad: You have not yet taken me to Japan!)

I think I should tell you where to go to see this blog hop that brought about this very emotional outburst. No, I am not going to hop. Not yet, I need to pack. (Once when I had visited her, I had packed only tops, no pants (I said pants, not panties!). I borrowed hers that time, but I should not make that a habit now, should I?) 

But you should see all the entries! Here you go:

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  1. You are so sweet Kashmira! I think that your travels really have defined you. Very fun tour through what looks like a wonderful trip. I hope that you will consider joining me for a future challenge because your enthusiasm is contagious (and I added your blog to my list even though you weren't able to participate this time!) Have a great trip! Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. Thank you, Erin! Just saw that the nexr hop will be in November for the color challenge. Can I pre-sign up? :-) And I also realized I will have met you by then, wooohooo!!!

  2. Oh that is a trip I've always wanted to do! What a gorgeous place to see!

    1. Yes, it is a MUST for anyone who likes to travel, Ms. Antiquity Travelers :)

      But I would say keep it to 7 days, after that it tends to get monotonous...the same old temple and tombs.

  3. Thanks for sharing your travels Kashmira :-)

  4. Love this post! Your Mom has quite a spark! ( FYI the Egyptian gal is Hathor. She is the Goddess of joy, love and motherhood. She was sculpted there with cow ears, one of her symbols - a fertility connection.)

    Travel Safe!

    1. Thanks Jenny!
      Yes, she does! She had a triple by-pass surgery a couple years back. We all knew she was fully well the day she asked to go on a vacation again. They were here this summer...went to Alaska :)

      Hathor! Yes, that's who she is! Thank you :)

  5. OH, I am SO jealous! I'd love to be able to travel the world - and the VERY first place on my list would be Egypt!

    1. Sherri, you HAVE to go to Egypt. Its something you need to experience at least once! That, and an African safari...still get goose bumps when I think about that trip! Super amazing awesomeness it was!

  6. Kashmira, you are comfortably at your destination by now, I hope. Wow, after reading your post I now completely understand, when you told me the other day you were overdue to take a trip! It is in your blood, and bred into your bones... you are not fully yourself unless exploring and learning first-hand (whereas most of us can tolerate being spoon-fed from books or internet).

    As an Army brat, I used to suffer the need to move every two or three years, but now I can manage to stay at least five years in the same house LOL. So be careful, Kashmira, or you may allow your travel urgency to dissipate. Plan that next trip NOW, girl!

    1. Am trying, Mon, am really trying to plan something soon!

  7. Oh, and your Egypt bucket list trip looks amazing!

  8. Kashmira, this entry brings tears to my eyes--talk about emotional!

    1. Sigh...Sharyl, yeah, this was a very emotional post to write...

  9. Hi Kashmira,
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Egypt such a fastinating place. I am in envy of all your travels around the world so far is so cool! I love to travel and have seen just about every state in the US, parts of British Columbia Canada, Ciudad Acuna Mexico, Germany, Luxenburg, and last but not least The Netherlands. The last three were when I was a girl from the ages of 7 to 10. Here's to travel!

    1. Here's to travel indeed, Therese! I have to say a lot of my travel has also been when I lived with my parents. I moved to the US when I was 22, and it has reduced a lot since then. I have a long list, not sure if I will be able to make it :(

  10. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while now and I want to start off by saying that you have such a pretty name! You and your family are so well traveled. Lucky girl! I keep a bucket list of travel destinations and it keeps growing. Egypt has been on it for a long time. Enjoyed seeing your pics.


    1. A big welcome, Shirlee :-) Thanks for commenting and for complimenting my name. I love it too :-)
      Yes, I am VERY lucky indeed that my parents showed us so much of the world. I was also lucky enough to visit Egypt before the unrest started there. I hope it gets safe enough again soon and you can go too!

  11. What a great story! I love that you always look through the pictures of your family on vacations when you go home to India. Your mother sounds like my grandmother, she has been everywhere as well.

    1. Peggy...yeah, those pics take me back to some of the best days of my life. Can never thank my parents enough for it! And guess what, my nephew...who was not even born when those pics were taken, does the same thing...spends hours going through them.

  12. You are so lucky to have been taken all over the world and have had the chance to see so much of the world! I recently took a solo vacation as well, and I have to say that was the best choice that I have made! I also found that there are some really cool travel social networks that can help you meet others that are traveling where you are to meet and enrich your trip! Give it a try next time!

    1. Eliza, I have to agree with you, I have been very lucky and totally blessed! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing that link with me!

      Where did you go on your solo trip?