Monday, December 31, 2012

Art Bead Scene December 2012 Reveal

I have finally started buying more art beads and am now wondering how I could do anything without them! (Errr...I still do use a lot of "non-art-beads", but just showing off my new found love a bit, bear with me a bit please, ok?)

Buying more art beads means I can make more entries to the ABS challenges.
December inspiration was this painting:

Sleeping Beauty by Erté, 1983
26 1/2" x 33" Serigraph
More about the art here... 
I almost missed this month's challenge, but Miss Kaushambi invited me to pin to this pinterest board she created, and that made me want to create something with this painting in mind. I pinned a few things there, and then got to work.
My designing methodology is quite simple: look at the inspiration, look at the stash, design.
I knew I had these sweet red enameled leaves I had bought from Suebeads recently that were the exact red of her dress. They also have black streaks just like the dress. So, the art component was decided. Next, I loved the little white flowers hanging from the vines. And I knew I had silver flowers somewhere in my stash, and also black chain.

The silver flowers turned out too big, as did the black chain. BUT! I had something else which was even more appropriate than what I originally had in mind.

What I finally ended up with is this pair of earrings:

I listed them on etsy, and they were picked up the same day :) If you are interested in having a pair of your own, drop me a note, and we'll take it from there. Susan said she will be listing more of these leaves soon!

So...that was fun, looking forward to the first challenge of 2013 in a couple days!

Happy New Year, everyone :)


  1. They are very pretty earrings Well done.

  2. Very pretty Kashmira! Love those enamel leaves, and it really does pick up the elements of the hanging vines in the picture - well done!

    1. Thanks dear, am indeed quite happy with myself about these :)

  3. Oh so pretty! Sorry I didn't see this sooner, but it sure is the perfect piece for the inspiration. I love the little hanging and swaying just like the inspiration

    1. LOL, and I am super sorry I am slacking in my responses.
      This one really makes me smile. And a friend bought it, so I can see it some time, maybe :)