Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Gift!

Hey y'all :-)

Its the first week of April, and it dawned on me that it'll soon be my birthday!
And since this year, I have a real shop on etsy, I am thrilled to share my excitement with you (yeah, I will be excited like a 5 yr old even on my 70th birthday, I am sure of that!)

So...what's the gift? A promotion running through the month of April 2013.

Use coupon code BIRTHDAY2013 to get a 13% discount! And there is a surprise offer that you will get when you purchase something!
(I did think of making the % same as my age, but, ahem, I am quite old ;-)

And a reminder that all proceeds from the sales in my shop benefit the kids of Project Why! So its a win-win for everyone! You get a great deal and a bunch of good Karma comes for free ;-)

So head on over to the store...

Here are some of my favorite things in the store right now...

See you there and thank you for the birthday wishes :P

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