Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lucky Little Me!

Yup, change my name to Miss Lucky :-)

I had entered to win a giveaway by Miss Kristi Bowman on the Art Jewelry Elements blog.

The giveaway was for these bees:

All I had to do was comment on the post, and I said I lurrrrved these red cube beads:

These are Red Sponge Coral beads. Fascinating stuff!

And Miss Lucky won the bees. And not JUST the bees, but a whole motherload of goodies from the ultra generous Miss Kristi.

Want to see? Yeah, I know you do :)

SO here are my lovely pretties (in addition to the two above!)

There are copper connectors and two sooooooper cute bee charms made by Kristi.
And lampwork beads by Lara Lutrick, and Flourite Briolletes from NMBeads

Oh there is more :-)

This realllly cool two sided heart! I believe it is from Oh! Sullivan Studio. They do not have an online presence yet, and have already been told off by Kristi for this!

Oh but wait, there is more!

I also got some pumpkin beads and what I am going to call dumbbell beads, and this reallllllllllly cool pair of (I think) polymer clay shell shaped beads. They are amazing! They have copper and pearly effects (darn, I am not even able to describe it properly, hopefully Kristi will help me out!)

You agree? I am Miss Lucky?

PS: I cannot believe photo-snob me has actually started putting up blog posts with iPhone pics. But I figured iPics are better than noPics. Si?


  1. Wow, you ARE Miss Lucky! What a beautiful lot of loot you received! I love the pumpkin beads and the stripey polymer beads are stunning! I always love Kristi's stuff (no surprise there!), but she outdid herself. : ) Congratulations, Kashmira! And I'd love to learn more about the striped polymer beads--they are just fabulous!

    The iPhone takes fabulous photos, so you win out there too! <3

    1. Let me ask Kristi about them and get back to you!

  2. Great stash she has sent you to play with!! I have been loving copper lately and those are gorgeous!