Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Challenge with Jasper Moon


On to today's first challenge! I have two reveals I am doing today. I worked on this one first, so posting it first.

This is for the November Giveaway Challenge hosted by Miss Bonnie of Jasper Moon.
The challenge was to use ALL the components she sent us for FREE. Here is what I got:

Eight deep pink faceted crystal beads and a pretty silver toggle clasp. The clasp has pink rhinestones too! The color is really a very different kind of pink, not quite a shade I have seen much before in beads.

I set another challenge for make a bracelet. The clasp was too pretty to use in a necklace, plus I really need to step up my game and make some bracelets. I am pretty much scared of making them. My mind shuts down when it is asked to make one.

My first choice of stringing material was a dark colored cord. But it did nothing for the pretty pink. It completely changed the hue into something not nice at all. So I decided to go with white cord. Then, I scoured my copy of Erin Seigel and Lorelei Eurto's book for inspiration.

The trouble with bracelets is that they are short. Very little room to add things. Especially for a tiny wrist like mine, anything more than 6.5 inches will fall off. So I had to figure out a way to use 8 beads, and a clasp in some clever way within 6 inches. Not happening. I decided to use the clasp for something else.

After going over the book a couple times, I selected one which needed some braiding. I had recently bought some pink cord, so decided on a pink and white braid. I strung the beads, and merrily made the braid. But when it was time to attach the two, I was almost in tears. It did not look too good :((

I moaned about it on the Creative Bead Chat group on Facebook, and friends Alicia and Heidi came to rescue me. I finished it while speaking to them, and here's the result:

I think the bird saved this one. And I like it now too. The lesson learned here was to use thinner cord for tying the ends. I used the same white cord which was too thick. But...end result is something I like, so all is well :-)

Now on to the clasp. I wanted to use it as a pendant. I desperately need a nice, dainty pink set, so instead of getting too innovative and creative, I decided to make what I "need"!

I tried to use the toggle in the pendant, but it was falling over. So was not able to use it. This might disqualify me for this challenge :(('s my necklace:

And I made tiny earrings to go with the simple theme. The is NO design element in here at all. My excuse is that my struggle with the bracelet compensates for this, AND this is exactly what I needed:

Here is all of it together:

The other participants are:
Gail Accinelli
Kashmira Patel
Pine Ridge Treasures
Lori Schneider
Lady Grey
Robin Reed

I do not have blog links for all the other participants, but Bonnie is going to put up pictures of everyone's creations on her own blog.  So do visit her at and enjoy the other designs!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Miss Bonnie for this wonderful gift and allowing me to play along!


  1. I'm no lover of pink, but you really made some beautiful pieces. I'm particularly drawn to the simplicity of the necklace. It's all so sparkly though and what woman doesn't love a little sparkle? :)

    1. Thank you! This poor blog post got hidden behind the Color Challenge one, so glad you found it, and liked it too!