Friday, December 7, 2012

December Echo Creative Club Bead

Now that I am done with the November reveal and that December is actually here, I can show you all what Jeannie sent me to play with in December as part of the Echo Creative Club.

As a recap of what this club is:

What is this? This is from her website (
"So what is Echo Creative Club?  I’m looking for experienced jewelry designers to use my art beads and pendants for FREE.
What does the name, Echo Creative mean?  Echo is something you put out there and it comes back.  I put my beads out there and they come back in a creative design from you."


She sent me a brand new art bead, which she has not named yet and is not even available in her store yet. That certainly makes me feel part of an elite group!
Its got different designs on both sides. Its a gorgeous shade of blue, one which I have never actually worked with before.

  Leaves on this side

 Branches on this side?
 Branches on this side?

Since Jeannie did not name it, I will. I christen it "The Blue Forest".

It is about 25mm in diameter, so leaves me with lots of designing options. Should I make it the main focal? Or pair it with a larger focal? Mix it up with crystals? White? Pink? Red? Necklace? Bracelet?

Lots of options! And two weeks to decide what to do with it :-) So come back on Christmas Day if you can tear yourself away from all the festivities and see what this gets transformed into. I promise I won't disappoint :-)

Thanks Jeannie, I love both the beads you sent me. The Happy Dove has already found a loving new home :-)


  1. That's a color to die for, Kashmira!

  2. Great idea Kashmira looking forward to your completed design :)

  3. I love the design and color of the bead. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Oh boy Kashmira, I will be back to see what you have created with this little beauty. I think Blue Forest is a good name for this blue beauty.