Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The beginning of a men's line???

A friend asked me to create a few gifts for the men in her life. It was quite a difficult task for me. I have never designed anything for me, heck, I have never even shopped for men, unless they tell me specifically what they want. But I took up the challenge, and made these two:

This first one is a bookmark. Its bigger than it looks here. This gift is for a professor who loves to read, so my friend thought it was perfect for him.

Next is this keychain. I got such a good response from my beading buddies about this one, that I decided to list it in my shop!

This just might be the beginning of a men's accessories and gifts line for Sadafulee! Who knows!!!
You can click on the picture to buy it if you like!

Here are a few more items I listed today! Including a first bracelet listing!

To browse more items in the store, please do visit:

And in case you didn't know. Profits from all sales go to a children's charity in India called Project WHY. So you not only get beautiful jewelry, but also a lot of good Karma in the same package!

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