Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer Anklet Blog Hop Sign Ups

Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post, I have decided to host a very simple blog hop where participants create anklets!

Anklets are favorites of mine since childhood! You can read all about it here...

Here's my current usable collection, I have a few more, but some are tarnished, and others I can't find, including a really beautiful pair (yes, we wear them in pairs in India, on both feet) a friend's mom gave me. Hmmm...and these are all gifts too! The last one is a very traditional Indian one that my mom sent to me a couple years back.

While thinking up what the challenge should be about...I started thinking about the construction of anklets. They are a lot like bracelets...or you could even say they are bracelets. But there are a few key things to remember about the construction.

The ankle is almost cylindrical in shape. So the anklet must "flow" well. Nothing sharp or too big that will prevent it from draping well. I suppose that is what makes chain the best thing to use for them.

The other thing...the ankle is bony. So again, nothing that will hurt. Bicone crystals, sharp chips..these things might hurt. Or maybe not. I just have not bought anything with something like this.

The shape of the ankle makes it very suitable for some lacy type of designs, like the last one in the photo above. The top chain is narrow, and the design flares out as it progresses towards the foot. (Not sure I am making any sense at all)

Lastly, feet do tend to swell during the day, so anklets should not be too tight. 

Would love to hear other ideas about anklet design!

The photo above tells me that one of my favorite "ingredient" in any design is missing. Color!
So the one and only rule in this challenge: there should be a good amount of color!

Here's the when and how of this challenge then...

Sign up period
I will be taking sign-ups until April 22nd. I will be writing to folks who had responded to the previous post to confirm their participation.

Reveal Date
Most folks I spoke to said end of May worked best for them, as it does for me. So...the reveal date will be June 1st.

How To Sign Up
Leave a comment and an email address for me to reach you. My comments are moderated, so if you do not want me to publish the email address, do let me know. You will still be signed up :)

  • Make one or many colorful anklets!
  • Try to use unusual materials instead of just chain or hemp (this is just a suggestion, not a requirement)
  • As a stretch goal, completely optional, make a Polyvore set with your anklet featured!

Some ladies said their feet are not worthy of anklets. Pardon me, but that's rubbish :P
Feet are the hardest working parts of our bodies, they need some loving too. And trust me, once you wear one of these, every time you look at your feet, you will smile. And if you put those little bells that all Indian ones have, then every time you walk, you will make beautiful music :)

So who wants to play along? This is my first time hosting a blog hop, so I know I will make mistakes (and hopefully learn from them!)


  1. Hi Kashmira, Count me in. I'd love to join your blog hop. June 1st sounds fine. What is Polivore though?

    Great 1st step on conducting a blog hope. My best wishes for you.

  2. I commented on your previous post -- great idea! I'm in :) This will be fun!

    Thanks, Kashmira
    Toltec Jewels

    toltecjewels (at) aol (dot) com

  3. I'm in Kashmira! I love anklets too.
    ema@emakdesignscom :)
    My blog will be at

  4. Count me in!

  5. I committed in your previous blog post. Count me in. My email is

  6. I'd love to participate! Please sign me up for your anklet blog hop. libellulajewelry (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thank you!

  7. Hey Kashmira, count me in. I hope it is OK to make these for others (thinking I would make for twin nieces, they would love to do Polyvore, too!) You know how to reach me ;)

  8. I would like to participate. I think the biggest challenge for me will be that Polyvore set. okililmummy(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. You had me until I got to the polyvore part. Not so sure I want to mess with that. As for my feet, they are definitely worthy of anklets but I would definitely have to shave my legs first. I have never made an anklet and thought this would be a fun challenge. Oh well.

    1. Oh Jean you had me laughing! I think there may be a few of us that will need to shave our legs first! I have never made an anklet either, but when I was younger I wore them all of the time. I think this will be fun!

  10. I think I can swing this. I just signed up for another swap/hop about the end of May, but I think this is doable for me on June 1. Thanks.


  11. This sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to play along. Just today I was thinking of making an ankle bracelet for another project I'm doing. Wow! How cool is this! June 1st is so doable for me. I'm not sure what polyvore is but will look it up.

  12. I just had a look and found my film canister with 24 precious little indian bells (salvaged from some trim off something when I was a child) SO even though my left arm and its permanent bangles usually announce my presence I really ought to give an anklet a try! Somewhere I have this pair of elastic type things that are anklets but have a connection and little loop that goes on a toe - soleless sandles I guess you could say. I think they belonged to my mum, you've just reminded me of them also. Count me in! Please and thanks!!

  13. I want to play~ was having trouble signing in from my phone last night, so just to make sure I am on the list I am posting here. As for Polyvore, you had me hooked on that months ago. :-D Thanks for hosting!

  14. Me, me, me,...I want to play along! June 1st is a perfect day - it just sings summer and begs for anklets to be worn!! I love the pic of yours up top, too - those are so pretty. My sis wears several on her ankle at a time also, so maybe it's a southwest/Arizona thing, too! LOL!!

  15. Hi Kashmira! Thanks for the invite, but I can't participate this time...this is my busiest time of the year with the Foundation I work for, and I'm running out of hours in the day. I'm definitely going to be back to check out everyone's work though! Have a blast!

  16. Alrighty..I broke my 'no more hops' rule by jumping in on the earring hop I encouraged... so since I broke it there..I can't very well NOT break it for you ;) Besides ... my feet need some bling for the summer ;)

  17. Oh yes! I want in, I love anklets! my email is torisophia (at)

    I love what you said about people not loving their feet. And pointers on creating an anklet too. Thanks Kashmira (and yup, mine will probably have PURPLE beads in it! LOL)

  18. Hey Doll! How are you? I love this idea. Count me in, missy.

    Vickie From Ohabbyday

  19. Hi, Kashmira! I'm in...just got a pedicure and dug all my sandals out of the back of the closet this week. It's about time! What a fantastic idea for a blog hop and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


  20. Never made an anklet! This will really be a challenge. Thanks for including me :)

  21. I LOVE IT!!!! I love your idea of different sections, helps with the flow problem, I love the jumprings, I love everyyyyything! Please figure out a way to shorten it and wear it as an anklet. Your foot deserves this loveliness!
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