Monday, February 25, 2013

My Bead Mommy!

She does not know it, but I think of her as my bead Mommy. You know, how kids tell their mommies, oooh...I like this, I wish I had that, and mommies try to get it for them? She does that for me :-)

Want to know who I am talking about? Go visit her at Sharyl's Jewelry and Reflections, then go shopping at Sharyl's Jewelry on ArtFire and come back here.

I met her through the ABS challenges, I had realllllly liked one of her creations, specifically, the one from March 2012.

We started talking and have not yet stopped :-) She always has an entry in the ABS challenges, and was featured this time with these gorgeous earrings.

Now coming back to why she is my bead Momma.

Right after we met, she held a bead packet challenge, I won in the drawing to get some gorgeous beads. Every single thing I made from those beads sold. Some even while I was still making them!
There were requests for more, but I did not have more beads, so did not make them again. Sharyl did tell me where she got them from, but I let it go...
Here's what I had made with the bead selection she sent:

Then she hosted another challenge, and I was selected again :-)
And yet again, all my work got snapped up, one of them, again, while I was still making it!
I still have the necklace because I kept it for myself :)

And this time, she sent me a gift! She sent me etched copper earring components! They had little turquoise spirals, which became these can't see the little swirls, but they are what made me make these :-)

By now, she had started making her own, one of a kind components, and I bought a few. Each came with gifts! Like the brass component in this one (sold in spite of design flaw by me)

I bought a few more components, and got few more the greek ceramic daggers in this pair. Yup, these are sold too!

I bought some more components, and here are the contents of my "Sharyl Box"

A bunch of these are gifts from her :) I bought the pink components in my last order, and me being me, wanted to bend and curve them into a bracelet instead of making earrings. I bounced that idea off of her, to ask whether it will ruin the pretty pink color if I did that. We discussed the idea quite a bit, and a few days later, this is what landed in my mailbox!!!

She made me a bracelet component in my favorite green color! Even the packaging is SO pretty! I tried to retie it, but was not able to do as good a job as she did. I have saved the ribbon, will make something from it :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH, SHARYL!!! I bet all this will sell as soon as I use them!

This is just a small sampling of what she does, there are lots of gorgeous, very unique components, and pretty pretty jewelry in her store. Do check it out, and if you buy something, tell her I said hey :-)

Some of my favorite items in her shop right now (click on the pictures to go to the listing)

 This one is on sale!!!


  1. This is such a complete surprise, I'm caught off-guard by your post this morning! While I never would have thought to call myself by this name, your description of "Bead Mommy" is so sweet and endearing, I feel very touched!

    It is always such a delight to see what you and others make using my components or what comes as the result of a challenge I host! That joy is equal to or greater than what I create myself!

    You are so gracious and kind, Kashmira. I am greatly honored in so many ways! ~Sharyl

  2. I love Sharyl's jewelry and components! What a nice post, Kashmira!

    1. I know! They are all so unique! You can always be sure to find something completely new every time you visit!

  3. wow... what awesome pieces.. swooning over the brass component with green bead earrings.

    1. Thank you! Would you like me to make you a pair? I can ask Sharyl if she has more of those components, or if she can make me some more.

  4. HaHa, Sharyl sounds more like your Godfather, Kashmira... (as in, she is your enabler in your addiction). We should all be so fortunate!