Thursday, February 14, 2013

What a wonderful day!

Its been such an unexpectedly great day!

Started off with FaceTime with my Dad and Mom and nieces. Dad accidentally called me instead of my sister. Was a nice surprise. And funny, it felt like I was talking to my bald self :-)

And then FaceTime with my sister who bought a new car. She got lucky a tricky way. Her car got totalled in an accident, she got away with minor scrapes and since it was not her fault, the other guy's insurance paid her good money for a car she was anyway trying to get rid of.

And a friend came over to pick up her birthday gift. Yeah, I'm crazy like that, never gave it to her, and she is easy-going, no hangups. She was in the area and asked if she could pick it up. Was awesome to see her!

And then I went to work to get a raise AND a bonus.

And I scored big time on a Vintaj it at $25 instead of the regular $99. Quite a story behind that one. I found out from friends on FB yesterday that they bought it for $25. They live in the mid-west, I am in California. My Michaels had it on clearance for $59.99 and I let it go.
Then after speaking to my sister, I thought of finding out if they have it for $25 in her town. Turns out they don't have a Michaels at all. But a store 45 miles away from her home had it for that same low price. So I went back and asked at  my local store why there was this difference, and they reduced it for me too! They trusted me, didn't even call the other store to confirm what I claimed! Lesson: Never hurts to ask! I went back and told my other FB friends that this works and at least one of them got it too :-)

And we got cupcakes at work. This happens quite often, but its always good :-)

And then I went to get my hair done. Turns out it was my hair dresser's birthday! I have been going to this sweet old Vietnamese lady for about 12 years now. I was mentally struggling to figure out the total after the big tip I wanted to leave her as a birthday gift (my math skills are legendary, as in they are non-existent), and in the mean time, SHE went and got ME a gift! She said it was Lucky Money for Vietnamese New Year!

I started to open it, and saw it was money, and stopped (I had not seen the Bank of America logo up front). I don't want to know what's in there. This is going to stay with me as is forever in my wallet :-)

My lucky money for my lucky day!

And my hand has been mostly pain-free all day today...first time in 7 months! Hurrah!