Friday, February 1, 2013

One Lucky Month!!!!

Wow! What a month this has been! I have been showered with gifts ALL month long!
I have won quite a few giveaways, but then I made the tiny effort of putting my name in the hat for them. These gifts...I suppose I got just because :) The best reason, isn't it :)

To start off, my sister went to India and got me not one, but two "ghagra cholis". I don't have pictures, but go here to see what these are!

Then Rita of Toltec Jewels sent me whole set of vintage lucite beads.

Enough for lots of earrings :)

Next up, Sharyl of Sharyl's jewelry...I bought a few components from her, and she added, as always a bunch of goodies along with it. I have a "Sharyl Box" now...and I bet there will be more stuff she just wanted me to have in there, than stuff I actually bought. I don't have pictures, but check out her store, she has sent me a variation of everything in there!

Then....Lori Anderson asked me if I wanted some beads. Who would say no to that! Here's what she sent me...bead soup kits! Ceramic beads, gemstones, seed beads, silver charms, yarn, sari silk and thread :)

And then I bought a few components from Tiffany of Southern Gals Designs, and she sent me this cute pendant as a thank you gift! The picture is not so nice, but the pendant sure is :)

And then Heidi of Ex Post Facto Jewelry goes bead shopping, she puts up pics of her loot on Facebook, I go ooooohhhh at one of them, and next thing I know, this little guy is knocking on my door :) Again, bad picture of a totally cute elephant :)

Then....I bought something from Suburban Girl, Diana Ptazinsky. And this is my thank you gift from her...LOVE it!

 And finally, the mother-load that arrived on the last day of January 2013!

I came home to find nothing in the mailbox...but walked inside the house and saw a big box sitting in the living room. Sender: Marlene Cupo! I lifted the box, and knew something was up! I sent her a message that I have a box, have not opened it yet, but THANK YOU! Then I opened it to find this note:

 Under the note was this!

THAT is 9.6 lbs of awesomeness! 9.6 lbs!

Before this box arrived, and I used to get all goodies from my giveaway winnings, hubby used to say I am doing some black magic and stealing people's goodies. When he saw this, all he said was, "You crazy beady people" :-)

Why did I get this? Sandra McGriff started "Project Bead" and said:
"Project Bead is my baby ... Kashmira is an angel who donates all her shop proceeds to help the kids of Project Why .. so we gathered up a bunch of beads and sent them to her for her to use". That was 14 generous ladies.

Here's what I got:
From Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs:

She made a gorgeous black and grey bead woven set for me. And in the beads...among other things,

she remembered I was looking for sterling silver earwires, and sent me two packs! And there is two gauges of wire. She also sent me a pack of needles...thanks for the encouragement, maybe I will take up bead weaving soon!!!

Heather Rats of Mama's Craft Room.
This has jasper and aventurines, silver findings, copper chain and a bunch of other cool stuff! There are silver tubes in there that I was longing for! How did she know!!! Thank you!

Marlene Cupo of Amazing Designs
These are unbelievably beautiful polymer clay beads she made. The colors are just gorgeous!

Rita of Toltec Jewels again :) 
This has a whole bunch of artisan beads from some of my fav artists, and something I had wanted since the day I started beading. Blue goldstone! Thrilled, Rita! Thank you! Am sorry about the bad picture :(

 Robin Reed sent me a whole lot of baggies of goodies of different colors...and four boxes of seed beads of the good kind :)
A whole set of different colored beads, I have yet to inspect these closely.But there are some really pretty "chain beads" which I had seen only once before and these are even better than those. Thank you, Robin!

Sandra McGriff of Creative Chaos
This made me laugh out loud :) I have no excuse for not starting the men's line now :) This has bone, antler, wood and metal beads, and sparkly leather cord, also something I have been eyeing for some time now. And a note...saying this is for the Mens Line :-) Thank you, Sandra!

Shelley Graham of Tori Sophia
A really fun mix :) There is one in there with a spiral cage INSIDE the glass! Totally awesome! Thank you, Shelley!

Marti Conrad of Marti's Beads and Buttons
I would always drool over Marti's beads and tell myself "one day, I will get you these". That day is today :) That folded over bead had my eyes pop out :) Thank you, Marti!!

 Courtney Breul of beads by breul
 LOVE that red and yellow disc bead! ANd the yellow and green faceted ones are totally ME. And the dark lonesome bead in the baggie of its own. It is SO amazing, I am floored! Thank you, Courtney!!!

Jenny Davies-Reazor of Jenny Davies-Reazor :D
Utterly gorgeous ceramic focals she made herself, and a surprise Ganesha pendant. So very thoughtful! Thank you!!!!

Lisa Lodge of Pineridge Treasures
The yellow and white lampwork beads warm my heart, and tell me Spring is going to be here soon, and I will see these colors out and about...soon! Thank you, Lisa...these made me smile a happy one :)

Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio
Another artist on my wish-list! Wish come true :) I love them all, thank you!!
Those orange ones are my favorites of the lot :)

Brenda Sue of B'Sue Boutiques
This bag had candy, muahahahaha :)
And steam punk gears...something I don't have, and jewel tone beads, also something I don't have! Fun! Thank you!!!!!

Marla James of Marla's Mud
She had them in two bags, the one on the left has artbeads by other artists. I did not open it yet...but I believe one of them is Lisa Peters Art...another coveted artist! And the one on the right is all Marla's Mud! So much unbelievable variety! And I found a few hiding under the bag after I was done with the pic. Thank you!!!!

Here's everything!

I am so overwhelmed and grateful to all you ladies! I promise to take good care of my hand, heal it quickly and play the heck out of these :-)

Buh bye, January, you have been good to me!


  1. Can't wait until you're able to start playing with them :) I think Lori's 'can you use some beads' is my fault, so you can count her in with us. I messed up my first batch of invites to the group and totally confused people, Lori among them >.< lol

    It's good to know that despite your hand, you have had a great start to the new year :)

  2. WOW WEE!! Look at all those yummy things to play with! Heal quickly and get to it!

  3. I believe this is karma in action! You're such a sweet and giving person, and everyone knows it! Congrats on your lucky month. You sure deserve it :)

  4. Jackpot!
    Anyone would be envious of all those goodies Miss K~ but because it all goes for a worthy charity it found the perfect home with you. Looking forward to seeing all your new creations in the coming months. :-D

  5. Very nice generous gifting...Sorry to hear about your it similar to what happened when we swapped...wishing you a speedy recovery!

  6. Wow! You got what you deserve! Enjoy and create!

  7. You definitely lucked up on the loot! But, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Have fun organizing it and dreaming about what you will do with all of it once your hands start acting right!

  8. Amazing community we are a part of, isnt it?! This is so cool,just warms my heart. You r gonna do amazing things for some amazing women with those amazing gifts. lOVE!

  9. Wow! You did hit the mother lode! I know you'll do wonderful things with it all! It's always a pleasure to be some small part of the good you are doing! (Thanks much for the mention!)