Monday, April 1, 2013

Thank you Vickie, and welcome new readers :-)

This blogging thing is really cool...

I met Janet of Honey From the Bee through the Focus On Life series hosted by Sally Russick of Studio Sublime.

From Janet's page I found out about an Arts and Craft fair in a museum 1 mile away from my home! I never knew!!! And Janet lives 33 miles away from me :-)

So I went to this fair on the 23rd of March...that was just a week ago. I was overjoyed to meet a lot of local artists. Folks who have been following me on FaceBook know how disheartened I have been that I can't find company near me.

Well, one of the ladies I met there told me about a silversmithing class, just a few miles from my office! Hallelujah!!!! I can't take it now, but I will start in September.

Another makes gorgeous copper components (Art In The Redwoods)

And my new friend, Vickie of Oh Abby Day!

Vickie lives about 15minutes away from me, and I bought a lot of gorgeous jewelry from her at the show.
Which says a lot about her talent, since I do not buy a lot of finished jewelry anymore.

Here's one of my favorites in her etsy shop:

And this is one of the things I bought

Vickie and I became friends within a week :-)

She has posted a guest post by me on her blog today, so wanted to let my regular readers know about her, and also welcome the folks she is sending my way.

She is a mom to two gorgeous little ones, a super talented jewelry artist, and an awesome photographer.

Do drop by and say hello to her when you have a minute:


  1. Wow what a nice fine. Will sure visit Vickie soon.

  2. I'm so glad you found a few peeps that are close to your neck of the wood - I know that makes you very happy! And, as for the metalsmith class - yippee! That's gonna be so cool for you this Fall! I love Vickie's earrings you posted, they're so pretty. And thanks for the 'head's up' on her shop and her blog - I'm heading over now to read and look!!

    1. Yeah, it was great finding someone right here. And someone pointed out to me that Joe Silvera is in my neck of the woods too, so am thinking of classes there :)

      Hope you liked Vickie's shop?

    2. Yes - I checked out Vickie's shop and she has such beautiful jewelry - it's so colorful and pretty - I love it!!

    3. Yes - I checked out Vickie's shop and she has such beautiful jewelry - so colorful and pretty! I love it!