Sunday, May 19, 2013

Whimsical Monkey (Jessica Murray) Earring Swap Reveal

I recently signed up for an earring swap hosted by Jessica Murray of Whimsical Monkey.
Its been good fun! She set up a Facebook group for us to interact and get to know each other, a pinterest board for us to pin our inspirations...lots of help to finish the challenge :-) Definitely a lot of work! Thanks a LOT, Jessica!

Now on to what I got and what I sent :-)

My partner is Stephanir Weiss. Her blog is called UniquelyMe - Beads, Wire and Desire.
Stephanie is a very interesting line of work....she trains recruiters how to find candidates online using deep web searching technique. Although I am a software engineer myself, and have worked in the networking field a good part of my career, the internet still boggles me, and searching and deep searching is a total land of mystery! So I have a huge amount of respect for people who can understand it! I think she is super-duper smart...who else uses Boolean Math As Jewelry Inspiration!

She has the most precious little 7 yr old girl, who is equal parts athlete and debutante, a very generous and gently spirit. I don't have kids of my own, but I believe a child gets almost all her behavioral traits from parents, so I bet, Stephanie is all that too :)

When we were introduced, I asked her for something yellow. I love yellow, but I have nothing in that color, no clothes, no jewelry (I do have yellow shoes, not sure why). So yellow it was! She made something for me the very next day and sent it off too. But UPS decided they liked them as well, and kept them! They never even left the UPS facility! Stephanie made me something again and sent them right on time! And also sent me some goodies (lovely lovely goodies!!)

Ok, enough is my yellow sunshine :-)
I told her I liked color...a lot of it, so a lot of it is what I got!

I am totally blown away by how perfect each loop is!

I don't think I will ever reach this level of perfection! Totally love it! Now I need to buy a yellow top :) Just looking at them makes me smile :)

And not to forget the sweet gift she sent me...
I like the lampwork ones (there was another purple bead on the other end...I opened it and used it for something), but the ones on the side are too too tooooooo cute! I could just hold them and play with them all day! Thank you SO much, Stephanie!

And this is what I made for her:
Stephanie's only requirements fiber since its very humid here she lives, and not to heavy. So nothing too restrictive. When I was making her earrings, I was also thinking of what to do for the the Hats Off Challenge, and one of the inspiration photos/themes was black and white. So I had brought out these black and white polymer clay beads I have had a for a long time. They were actually given to me by a previous colleague to re-do into something. It was a loooooong necklace of all shapes, sizes and patterns of PC beads. We both left the company, and lost touch, and I still had the beads. So I decided to put them to use.

And this is what I came up with...

I had started off with only the PC beads and the bead cap. But I could not rest until I added some color to it...and in went the tiny red sead bead, and then the ceramic red/black bead on top.
The PC beads had somewhat large holes, so I had to add something to the back as well to stabilize it all...

Cute, right? I wish I could figure out some way to make these be able to wear this side showing front sometimes too.

A couple more views...since I have the pictures ;-)

I wish I could wrap as well as Stephanie!!!

So..this is what I have been upto. Thank you SO much, Jessica for hosting this. I totally gained a great new friend :-)

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  1. I love the earrings you received and really love the ones you made, my favorite colors black/red!


  2. I love both of those! You don;t 'need' a yellow shirt thanks o those other colours added in. but one that has some yellow in it would work, too... but... you should have at least one yellow top or outfit that you like :) Especially since you already have the shoes ;) lol

    Those black ones are fabulous! Not your normal colourful, yet still simply gorgeous :)

    1. hehehe, yes I "need" one! Or maybe two :P

  3. You designed some great earrings for your partner. Love that little pop of color. And the earrings she sent you are adorable. Great, fun earrings. My post went up, but I still didn't have my earrings when I left Thursday. Hoping they're there when I get home today and I can get pics up in a hurry. Nice job.

    1. Thanks Kay! We sure had fun with these! Hope you got yours?

  4. I absolutely adore both earrings: I love yellow and they are so festive, but also black and I think the ones you made have the right amount of elegance and originality together :D

    1. Thank you, Pipa! Love them even more the way you describe them :)

  5. Beautiful! Both pair are breathtaking.

  6. Wow, Kashmira! The earrings you got are wonderful! I love the beautiful yellow bead and all the different coloured wrapped dangles. you can wear these with everything and I'm sure you will!! Great photographs as well!!!
    I already commented on your earrings on your partner's blog but I have to tell that they are fabulous!!!

    1. Thanks Nan! Yeah, they are actually good enough to go with pretty much everything! I need to find more of those black beads and make a few more pairs of the black ones!

  7. I love my earrings! I'm so excited that you love yours too... in fact, I stole or "repurposed" the pictures you took of mine since I completely forgot to take a picture before I mailed them off. :)

    1. Thanks partner!!! And the photos are all yours to use :)

  8. Wow Kashmira, I'm totally jealous of your gifts! And she was lucky to have you as a partner, I'm always drooling over your earrings. Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks for hosting this, Jessica :) Stephanie and I had fun getting to know each other :)

  9. I tell ya her wrapping skills are great.. I can not get mine straight at all, so I tend to settle for the messy look.. sometimes it pays off, other times not so well.. lol I love the earrings you made.. Very cute.

    1. Hehe, you and me, both! We're the messy wrap queens, lol!

  10. The yellow earrings are a lovely color...very wearable. And I like that your earrings aren't reversible, actually. If you swap sides with them, then the black side faces out...two pairs in one, really. Cool!

    1. Aha! Now I had not thought of that at all! Cool idea!! Thank you!

  11. Love the earrings, from both of the partners!

  12. Your earrings are fabulous as always!! And the earrings you received are incredible!! Both of you do fabulous work!!

  13. Love both pairs of earrings--and you're right, the loops are perfect! lol

  14. You're right - those are some seriously perfect loops! What a fun pair of earrings you got - wonderful colors! And the pair you made are awesome! Love the layering...

    1. Thanks Tara! I am still amazed at those loops :)

  15. The earrings you got are perfect for you. They remind me of you. I really like the ones you made-very creative-I'm sure she loved them.

    1. Awww...that's sweet of you! Yeah..they're colorful like me :)
      Yes, she did like the ones I sent, she even wore it to a conference and all :)

  16. What great earrings. Love the yellow in the pair she sent you. And the pop of color in the ones you sent her really sets those great beads off. Sorry if this is a repeat comment. I thought I had commented, but didn't see any comments.

  17. Kashmira, How beautiful! I love what you made. They really remind me of a hat & it would be soooo cool if they were reversible! I'll have to ponder that one. Also, the ones you received are really pretty too. Yellow top, red top, blue top. So many choices with them! :)))

    1. Haha, yeah! They do look like a hat! Amazing what a different pair of eyes can see

  18. Kashmira, I love what you got from your partner. Indeed her loops are so perfect and the wire wraps. I also like the combination of that copper tone metal with all those colors and the focal yellow. I think any color top with a dab of yellow some where ( or even not) will go. How about brown or just stark white? But this is a good occasion to go buy a yellow top:)

    Then I am blown away as I scrolled down to see what you made. just BEAUTIFUL!

    I like the two variations on the two sides. I had a grand ma back in India who always used to look at the wrong side of an embroidery work to really appreciate.

    It is fun to see how beautiful the other side of the earring is too if some one happens to get a glimpse of it. You don't have to poke to show beauty, right?

    Also, in my blog comment you mentioned that you can't think of having a niche. You do have one and you don't know it? You have a distinct style. And that is your signature. As you grow I think it will become more prominent to us and to you too.

    And...I love reading your other blog- The things I learn. Dita.

  19. oh, just WOW! Love what you've received and love what you've made!!!