Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Listings After A Very Long Time!

One of my "goals" for 2013 was to add at least two new listings a week to my etsy shop.
Which meant making at least two new things every week. Doable, right?
Right! I made more than two items a week, but did I list them? No :-(
Why? Because a lot were made as custom orders, others sold right off of my FaceBook page, and what was left behind...I felt too lazy to list. Fixed that! I am amazed, and thankful, that I only had only a handful of things unsold (one sold on FB just as I was measuring it to put it down in the listing! Gotta love my friends! And their friends!)
I know, I need to expand my clientele, and spread the word about Project Why that benefits from these sales. So to that effect, a short little promotional post:

Here's what I just put up:

Featuring an artisan made polymer clay focal (by Lisa Caryl), renaissance glass beads and sweet czech glass leaves, this wrap bracelet will brighten up any outfit!
I love this style. Wrap bracelets are really popular but most of them are made with cord and are pretty much the same ole same ole style. This is definitely going to stand out in the crowd!

These earrings feature hand etched brass components by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson with a sweet leaf/fern design. They are accented by turquoise pillow beads and antique brass wire hoop. The wire hoop has the daintiest little yellow beads that sparkle in the sunlight!

This is my happy necklace :-) I can actually smell fresh flowers when I see this (yeah, I am a little odd like that)

And a few others....

I also want to highlight a few listings already in the store, which surprisingly, are still in the store!

 My all time favorite bracelet! How can you not love this one...with those cute little clasps? ;-)

The blog post for this necklace, written in May 2012, is the third highest traffic generator for my blog. Why? Because the inspiration for this was the cocktail..Manhattan! The necklace is utterly gorgeous, but has still not found a new home :(

And lastly, this bubbly, frothy, perfect for the beach, necklace. Why is it still here!? It needs a new home too!

And thus ends my marketing pitch. I hope to sell some of these pretty pretty pieces, they all help the kids of Project Why!


  1. I can totally relate! Listing takes a long time. I am so enjoying seeing your creative journey Kashmira! Your designs and photography/presentation continues to impress me :)

    1. I used to do polyvores for each item too...once upon a time. Now I am just lazy :(

  2. Very cool designs! I am glad your sales are going well.

  3. Beautiful work, Kashmira! That purple one is really elegant and lovely! All of your works are always so unique from another. I love that about your jewelry!

    Thanks for the nod! I added earrings to my Pinterest page just a moment ago! --Sharyl

    1. Thanks Sharyl! Yeah, I do try to make them all look different!