Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For a little baby actually its for his mom :-)

My friend has a 9 month old baby boy. This is a nursing necklace I made for that the little one has something to play with during dinner time, and doesn't scratch mommy's face!

I had a few questions when she asked me to make it. What material would be safe, what length, should I make it totally baby friendly, or something she would like to wear once the kid is weaned. What colors...etc.
Finally, I decided to go with Mommy's favorite colors, and use no, or as little, metal as possible.

So..I used some satin ribbon, a wooden ring I salvaged from a wind-chime I broke apart to use parts of it for jewelry, and some bright red round beads and a few turquoise wooden beads. I used the ring thinking the baby would find it easier to hold on to. I hope that's the case. He finds the red very attractive :-)

Here it is:

I had wanted to try this technique for tying beads around a ring for a very long time. Explored lots of macrame websites and figured I would use the half-hitch knot. Not completely happy with the first knot, but I guess its a good enough experiment. I also wanted to make a better strap...something thicker out of square knots maybe. But I had no idea how to make it. I did see tutorials for that as well, but wasn't sure how much cord to cut to get the exact length that was needed for this necklace. And of course, I needed to get it done quickly...before the baby grew up ;-) So stuck to what I knew already for the strap.

Here's a close-up of the focal...

My friend likes it, and baby likes to chew on it too :-)
I'd say this was a successful mission! I need not have worried about making it something Mommy could use even later, baby is busy eating it up, haha :)


  1. Successful mission indeed!

  2. lol Assuming it survives until he's weened, she may tuck it away with his other baby momentos :) By then she may be so addicted to wearing it though, you may have to make her a new one just for her :D lol

  3. Very pretty and safe for baby, love it!

  4. Kashmira-Muse, what a beautiful necklace! I remember those days with baby pulling my hair! You are a very thoughtful friend!