Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vocal Focal Reveal!

Today is also the reveal day for Bonnie's Vocal Focal Swap

The idea was to choose a unique, cool focal bead and swap with a partner that Bonnie would arrange for me.

I was paired up with Shirley Moore of Beads and Bread, an amazing bead weaving artist. I still have a great fear of bead weaving, and even greater respect for anyone who does it! I requested ( was more like a demand...I WANT!) Shirley to make me a bead woven focal in bright colors. I gave her a few choices, and also dropped a hint that I liked stripes. Sweet Shirley made me exactly what I was hoping for! A lovely black and yellow chevron striped pendant!
I took a pic of it, but her's is better, so will show you hers...

Only after seeing her picture I realized that THIS was the front side, lol :-) I liked the other side better, it has more yellow. There are so many different shades of black and gray in there, it is mesmerizing!

Now I have never used bead-woven anything before, so scratched my head quite a bit about what I should do with it. I knew I wanted to extend it a little bit with something dangling at the idea what. Was trying out different things when I spotted this washer...and I knew that's what I wanted to use :=)

Here's the picture of my necklace...I added the washer at the bottom and strung a simple satin ribbon through it.

Am still debating whether this is the final version or not. I like it in its bare version...simple string that is tied in the back. Other "finishing ideas I have right now are...adding a chain and clasp in the back, or leaving the ribbon all the way and just adding a clasp. I do like it like this though.

Here's how it looks on the mannequin/bust...

See? Looks nice, right?

Bonnie, am glad I participated in this challenge and was paired with Shirley :-) She is going to help me get started with bead weaving! Excited much!

Oh, and I had sent her a polymer clay focal from ClayHappy. Why? Because I like polymer clay and don't have anything too pretty yet, so I decided Shirley should have it :-) Silly, I know.
This is what I sent. You HAVE to visit her blog to see how she transformed this into something completely out of this world!

Here's a list of other participants:


  1. Kashmira, you had an incredible focal partner too - I just love Shirley's beadweaving. It is really out of this world and she makes it seems so easy (but I know it's not after taking my first class last year with Amy Katz)....The chevron focal she sent is really beautiful & I love what you made with it. I really like it simple since the focal is so intricate. You'll look mahvalous wearing this! :-)

    1. Thanks Cindy! Bead weaving does seem to be very difficult!

  2. Hi Kashmira,
    I love what you did with the pendant Shirley sent to you. Stringing it onto the ribbon lets the focal shine and adding the washer give it weight, nice job!

  3. I love what u did with your focal bead! The necklace exudes an ethnic chic feel. Nice!

  4. What a perfect way to set it off! I really, really like that! Great job!!! (Oh, and the front is whichever side you like best!)