Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Pink Orchid

I have been following the Art Jewelry Elements blog since its debut in mid-April.

It is started by a very talented group of artists...they all create handmade elements to be used in art jewelry. Recently, they started the "Inspired By..." series where they put up a picture every month as inspiration. Today is the reveal day for the first challenge. The participants list is at the end of the original post on the AJE blog: Inspired By...Reveal and Blog Hop

The first inspiration photo is of a very beautiful, vibrant orchid...

Orchids photo taken by jennifer cameron Glass Addictions

I fell in love with the colors, I wanted something that could show the whites around the petals, the darker veins in the middle. And I knew exactly what I could use for it!

I had a few agate slices of this color, each one different from the other...I found the perfect one! It had the exact pink color, and a transparent border that would take on whatever color I set it against, and darker pink coloring in there too.

I made a pendant and let it sit for a few days, not sure what I wanted to do next. I met an old friend for lunch during that time, and among other things, told him about my new shop on Luulla http://sadafulee.luulla.com/). He went home and checked out the site, and liked my work. And asked me if I could make something for his wife. Her birthday is on June 3rd, and he wanted something in agate...her birthstone! And her favorite color was purple. Perfect timing! I had made another necklace with one of these chips and sent him the picture. It's not purple, but he liked the color. So now I had extra motivation to finish this. And knowing who it was going to helped me decide what I wanted to do next.

Here's the necklace.

I had originally planned on using a pink ribbon around it, but I think the chain is better suited for her. The ribbon would have made tooo pink. My friend also wanted earrings to go with it, so here's what I made. Simple...matching, and hopefully not overwhelming along with the necklace!

I have sent him the pictures to make sure he likes the set, so the jury is still out on it. In either case, I love them :-)


  1. Oh, what a lucky woman to get a set like that. The agate is the perfect color and is so stunning. Love the use of the seed bead bale. Gorgeous! Thanks for participating!

  2. What pretty rich colors! Lovely pieces

  3. Lovely - the beaded chain matches so perfectly! I am sure she'll love her birthday gift!

  4. Lovely creations Kashmira!! So happy to see you join the inspiration post!!

  5. I like the combo of the pink with the antiqued brass, it's subtle but still has pop!

  6. This is a gorgeous set. Love that slice and you showed it off beautifully.

  7. WOW this is beautiful Kashmira! Awesome use of color for sure.