Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I think I have a problem with learning. (Yeah, I know, that sounds strange!)

I see SO many things that I would like to learn to do myself. I make plans, I dream, sometimes I even buy supplies. And then I move on to the next fancy, new thing to dream about.

But I am noticing that blogging and Facebook are helping (imagine that! FB is helping with something. I thought its sole purpose of existence was to eat up all your time!). Anyway, blogging and FB are helping me a little bit with it.

I learnt macrame knotting (only ONE kind so far though) because of a blog post I saw, and can't find anymore. I posted on FB that I was trying to find it. So many people helped me with links and tutorials, that I was pretty much shamed into learning. How can I let all their efforts in helping me go waste. So this is what I learnt that time...the basic square knot.

Next up, was hoops. And wire wrapping. I will be a bit nice to myself and say that I DID try both these things before and failed miserably. The hoops: because I didn't know what kind of wire to use, and wrapping, because I felt I needed three (four would be better) hands to do it.

Then Shel of MiShel Designs...ok, you need a short break from MY blog and detour onto hers. You will thank me for sharing all that eye candy!

Welcome back, isn't MiShel awesome!!!

So she put up this tutorial for making hoops, and added these delicious designs of various things you could do with them. Tutorial is here. Oh, don't go back there again, let me finish what I am saying...
I commented on the tutorial and asked her a few questions. She was SO helpful, that I HAD to give it a try. I did just that yesterday. The tips she gave me worked perfectly, just like she had mentioned. Basic hoop made, I felt I needed to add wire-wrapping to it, like she had for some of her designs.  Alicia of All The Pretty Things had been giving me wire wrapping tips, so I put them to use.

Not entirely happy with the first attempt at both..the hoop and the wrapping. The hoops are wobbly, the wrapping is uneven. But I know where I need to make changes the next time around. Am glad I tried it out finally!

Here's the result. Its not done yet, but here it is:


  1. I think they are beautiful. I would wear them wobbly and all. My husband and I say that imperfections add character.. Believe me, anything he put together ends up with allot of character.

  2. Oh Kashmira - these are gorgeous!! Not sure where you're 'not liking them', because I think they are fabulous! As for the wire, I found that I have the same 'wobbly' affect when I use various craft wires, etc. but when I use actual copper, silver, brass, bronze or 14K gold filled wire that those 'stiffen' much easier. And then, if I tumble those metals prior to wrapping or embellishing them, they're even more durable and work hardened.
    Thanks so much for the shout out, too and if you have any other questions - just holler!

  3. The first couple of times I try a new technique, it usually ends in unqualified disaster LOL. Yesterday I threw out some polymer clay fish because I had burnt them. Your post has made me reconsider: I've "fished" them out of the rubbish, and they will be photographed and displayed on my blog in their crispy glory. You inspired me to share my inglorious defeat, Kashmira!

  4. Thanks to Face Book for these groups~ for introducing me to nice, helpful & very talented people [like you] ~and to so many amazing possibilities and techniques that I would probably never have known or have the courage to try. What a wonderful support & teaching system I am so grateful for them.

  5. How wonderful! just keep going! Those hoops are great and your wire wrap is nice and tight ... Alicia must be giving some excellent instruction :)