Monday, August 13, 2012

There's a GOOD reason for everything!

I was sick most of last week with bad sinus infection. It comes and goes as it pleases, its actually a frequent visitor of mine. One that I am sick of. Literally. Pun intended!

I was surrounded with aloe infused Kleenex for the good part of the week, cursing the infection, thankful for the Kleenex. This was me

And now, as I write this with my hands still shaking, I am saying, I am glad I was sick!

One other thing: I am quite well known for cluttering. Never a good thing. But in this story, it was a good thing!

I know you are very curious.

I dressed up all nice and dandy, in a cute little black and white skirt, and spiky silver-grey sandals (you get the idea, I was basically quite happy with myself). Am driving merrily on my way to work on a busy expressway, where I can't really pull up on the shoulder. And I feel something lightly touch my knee. 
I didn't see what it was, but I did see a strand of spider web. Not sure how I stayed calm enough to drive to the next exit and pull over. It was a small, dingy street with not a single parking spot available. I know, so lucky, right! I actually parked in front of a gate not caring who comes out of it. Won't be as bad as a spider.
So, right, I pull up, put the car in "Park", and am about to switch off the ignition, when I see this ON THE KEY!

(While I love taking pictures, and I love blogging: I did not click that picture. It was the exact same species. Fat and juicy. **shudder**)

Now you can see why my hands are still shaking!

Now you can see why me being sick was such a good thing to happen to me. There was a big wad of Kleenex lying there in the cup holder. And that's where me not cleaning up after myself turned out to be a good thing as well. While I was really tense seeing the thing crawling so close to my leg, I am quite an expert at killing spiders. They walk into our home all the time, and scare the hubby witless. So its my job to take care of them. I picked up the spider with the Kleenex and threw it out in the bushes. I know I littered, but please cut me some slack for it, ok? Just for today? Ok?


  1. Ohhhhhh goodness, I'm shuddering myself just looking at that thing! I'm absolutely terrified of spiders. Sounds like you handled it well.

    I hope you get rid of the sinus problems! Those are the worst.

    1. Alice, I thought I threw it out, but I guess not, it was back in the evening :( And escaped AGAIN! Am NOT looking forward to getting back in my car tomorrow morning.

      The sinus pressure is horrid! I am going to try the nasal rinse a few of my friends have recommended. Hoping it helps!

  2. *TeeHee* as if I needed further motivation to NOT CLEAN, this takes the cake. One must be ever wary of spiders attacking, and not having a good-sized wad of Kleenex for defense!

    1. Mon, hahaha, yep, Kleenex is my weapon of choice!

  3. Kashmira,
    your blog heading should have come with a am terrified of spiders..ugggg!!! I could only read the beginning and ending of your blog, had to skip right over the picture of the spider :P I am glad you are not afraid and were able to dispose of him, I most likely would have had a car accident. So glad to hear you are feeling better.

    1. Sonya, I was kind of misleading ;)

      I can't bring myself to look at that picture. Creeps me out! And glad it was not you there!!!

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  5. Do you have an army of spiders hiding in your car somewhere???

  6. OH, my!!!
    Wanted to share my recent spider story, 'cuz I HATE spiders. First- I live in Alaska and it is currently in the 40-50's during the day. We don't get many spiders up here. Maybe some little itty bitty ones, but that's about it.
    Yesterday, I went to grab the cereal out from under the cabinet, and there was a spider hanging in the way. I scooped it up with the cereal bowl I had in my other hand, and looked at it as I walked to the sink.
    It was a BLACK WIDOW!!!
    I flushed it down the sink, and then used the disposal.
    Then I spent the next 30 minutes freaking out. I think she must have come in on the bananas i just bought the night before. She had created a rather intricate web between the fridge and the cabinet.
    I HATE spiders! So glad she is gone, gone, gone.

    1. Oh my god! That is scary!!! Especially THAT kind of spider! I am glad you found her before she found you! Shudddderrrr!!!!!!