Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beads for blogging - the finished pieces

I know, I know, I am very very late in writing up this post. But better late than never, right?
This time I will blame Facebook for my tardiness. I had already shared the pics there, so didn't feel the urge to write up a blog post.


Before I begin, I encourage you to visit Tanya's blog and sign up to get your own set of beads if you are into making jewelry too. Here's the link to sign up: Sign up here
Tanya is doing this as a way to "pay it forward". Which has worked out well with me, since one necklace is going to a friend and her newborn baby, and the other two pieces I am putting up for sale, with proceeds going to Project Why.

Here's a recap of what Tanya of  Fusion Muse sent me:

I managed to use most of them. First started with the green heart and amber resin beads. I wrote about my concerns about the nursing necklace in this post. Thankfully, my friend liked the pendant, and went on to finish the necklace. The challenge was the cord. I didn't want to use plain cotton cord, the pendant was heavy, if the baby pulled at it, it would hurt mommy. I thought of making a square-knot cord like I did here.
I went to the store to buy the thread for it. Michaels didn't have anything in the color I wanted. But I did find a really pretty ribbon. So I settled for that. And finished off the it is..

 I am loving the ribbon. It is giving the necessary support, and is subtle enough to not be overwhelming. Me happy :-) Here's another pic.

Next up, I worked with the multi-colored mother-of-pearl beads. Had so much fun with them! I got to use my new velvet thread with it :-)

The pendant is by Beth Nadler. And fits very well with this month's Art Jewelry Elements theme :-)

Last, I used the little turquoise beads. I am SO in love with these earrings!

I got to use ALL my favorite colors, and my favorite new velvet thread :-)

Thanks Tanya for this bundle of fun! I totally, totally enjoyed working with all you sent to me!


  1. You are so creative in your designs, Kashmira! I really like the beads Tanya sent to you, and it's so much fun seeing what you made from them. So unpredictable, fun, and I'd like to wear them all! :-) (Sorry, no can do...) What you did with the heart is really original and I'm loving that design! Wonderful job all around!

    1. Thanks Sharyl. And sure you can wear them all :-)
      I have one more project coming up next week that I am REALLY excited about!

  2. Beautiful pieces.Thank you for honouring the beads I sent.Love and Hugs Tanya

  3. Oh my, Kashmira, you have certainly extracted the maximum benefit from Tanya's bead set. You have even managed to have one necklace in two challenges... clever girl! The earrings are a colourful surprise, so unique how the knotting makes the thread look organic, like twigs. I was curious about the pendant you ascribe to Beth Nadler. Is it glass? Where does she sell her beads?

    1. Thanks Monique!
      I did want to use the other two styles too...maybe some other day. I am so in love with the velvet thread right now, and these colors are really making me very happy.

      Beth Nadler's pendant is glass. Here's her etsy store:

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