Sunday, July 22, 2012

Links from The Charm Barn!

Am still on the "challenge" spree. Am having so much fun with all the different ideas folks are coming up with. This time it is a "link challenge". Nope, we are not talking about web links (I think that would be boring). We are talking about some really pretty, large, acrylic links.

Charming Peggy Johnson of The Charm Barn has set up a challenge for 20 of us. She has sent 10 of us the turtle-shell finish links you see in the picture above, and black ones to the other 10.

I got these...

Aren't they gorgeous!!! I love how there are variations in the color. (And am SO glad I didn't get the black ones!) They are acrylic, but sparkle as if they were crystals or something!

There are 25 links, and we have to make something using them with different mediums. Peggy has two etsy stores: Willow Branch Beads where she stocks some really interesting supplies (some very unique links and connectors) and Peggy Made where she sells her own creations.

I saw these links used in a few bracelets in her stores, so that is something I will not be doing ;-)
What will I do? Don't know. I am stumped. First goal is to find out how to join them without breaking them!

The reveal is on August 17th, and I don't know who the other participants are...yet! So watch this space for more updates. This one is by far the most challenging component I have ever used! Thanks Peggy!


  1. They look gorgeous! I haven't yet received my links and I hope they arrive soon. I cannot wait to work with them!

    Have fun,

  2. Wow! You are a lucky girl...I'm still waiting for mine...I can not wait to see what we create with these fantastic links ^_^

  3. Ohhhh I love those... I just got mine yesterday and just keep staring at them.. LOL Can not wait to see what you come up with.

    1. Yeah, aren't they so pretty! Did you get the same color?

  4. I got my links the other day..I got the black ones I have broken 4 of my links trying to figure it out...a couple of them trying to change my mind and tried to undo the links...not a good idea for be careful. :)
    Looking forward to what you do with yours.

  5. Don't worry about breaking them Kashmira! All you have to do is find where two links open and snap them together. You have probably figured this out already. Be careful though, taking them apart can be a little tricky. I have seen some people put a clasp on each end of a bracelet because they do not like to snap them apart at all. Other people just snap them off and on.
    I am really excited to see what you make with the links. I am glad that you like the tortois shell color and hope that even though it's the most challenging component so far you'll like what you make with them.

    1. Yeah, that is what I did with two of them..very very carefully. Terry above mentioned hers broke :(

      Oh, I will definitely love whatever I do with them, they are so cute!