Monday, July 9, 2012

Please vote for me :-)

Voting is open now!
Browse through all the categories and write down the number of your favorite design in each category.
Then click on the "vote for summer 2012 beading contest winnersbutton, and enter the numbers.
I am number 91 in the whimsical/romantic category.

Yeah, no niceties and formalities here, just asking you to go vote for me ;-)

Ok, ok, I will tell you what this is about.
I have entered the 2012 Summer Beading Contest hosted by A Bead Store. They are hosting a contest, and these are the categories:
  • Whimsical or Romantic
  • Ecclectic or Bohemian
  • Traditional or Contemporary
Public voting begins at 12PM MST on July 10th and runs through July 17th.
I have entered these earrings in the "Whimsical or Romantic" category:

I bet you agree, they are both whimsical (they are buttons after all!!) and romantic (red hearts, can't argue with that ;-)

So go ahead and vote for me :-) Here's where you need to go:

Links for the other categories:

Thank you, Gracias, Dhanyavaad :-)


  1. those are adorable! I tried to vote, but perhaps it isn't activated yet? happy to try again if there is some trick to it?

  2. Kashmira ~ I tried to vote too, but I can't figure out the right way to make it work....

  3. ok I figured it out! click on the 'vote for your favorites' link (which you will see if you click above link Kashmira provided). Then enter the # of the item you vote for within the 3 categories. You got my vote Kashmira!

  4. Just voted! These earrings are hands down the best in the category! Great photography too!