Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time for some soup again!

Seems like such a long time ago that I had signed up for the 5th (and my first!) bead soup blog party hosted by Lori Anderson. It was only back in January of this year, only 6 short months. But so much has happened since then...most of all, I have so MANY wonderful friends that I made and so much that I have learned because of them. All of this, I have to attribute to the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party.

So when Lori started taking sign-ups for the 6th one, there was no way I was going to be left out. I think I was one of the earliest ones too to sign up.

This time around, my partner is Kathy Combs. I did not know Kathy before this partnering, so another new friend gained! Yayy! She is so extremely talented! Her blog is at Torched in Texas. Yup, she is a whiz with a torch! She says..."If it is metal, I will torch it".

Here's an example of her beautiful work:

She does things I can only dream of doing! Really.
Here's her store, you will find some amazing, unique jewelry there!

We both have signed up for the August 25th reveal. I sent her soup out a couple weeks ago. She was on vacation when it reached her. She came back, and had enough self-control to wait till she mailed out my package to open what I sent! So very sweet!
Here's what I sent:

I received my soup from her today.

And was overwhelmed to say the least! I got so many things similar to ones I had been drooling over on the FB boards! Feeling so very lucky :-)
Here's a pic of everything, can't really see much since there was so much!

There are some mysteries wrapped up in that fabric! Even the fabric is matching the color scheme of green and blue!

Here's what came out of the little bundles:

Three focals!!! And some lovely headpins. All of this she enameled for me herself!

Here's a closer look at the focals:

The top left one has a single hole, the one on the right has three holes on each side, and the last one is actually a bail! How fun!!!

She also made me some jumprings and a clasp from copper. I have wanted to make my own compnents for a while, and having this clasp in my hands to look at and examine is definitely going to make that a lot easier.

The other two piles are of cute yellow czech glass beads, and AB swarovski crystals.

And here's some more beads that she enameled for me, and carefully packaged in these tins:

In my long wish-list of "things-to-learn" is working with "real" wire. So far I have only used artistic wire, and have kind of grown out of it now. I had asked Kathy if she could send me some of the wire that she uses for her designs. And of course she did. She even annealed it for me since I don't have a torch. And won't have one coz I am scared of any kind of flames. So here's a pic of the wire and some silver beads and a sweet little silver clasp that she added in the mix.

I am SO loving it! Has so MANY things on my wish-list! Can't wait to get started.


  1. That looks like amazing soup! Have fun creating :)

  2. Oh yummy Kashmira - loving the teal on those beads! Your going to have fun!

  3. This is definitely delicious looking, Kashmira! I am so envious of the enamelled pieces - any piece using those will be excellent!

  4. Hi Kashmira,
    Beautiful bead soup, my mouth is drooling with anticipation of what you will create with your bead soup mix. Have fun creating and I will see you at the party.

  5. I'm so glad you like your soup, Kashmira. I loved making it for you and can't wait to see what you create. I'm working on ideas for the lovely soup you sent me as well. I agree that the very best thing about the bead soup party is meeting like minded jewelry artists. It is so much fun to work with beads that someone else picked out for you. Thank you again for my beautiful soup.

  6. I'm so glad you like your soup, Kashmira. I truly enjoyed making it for you. Thank you again for the fabulous soup you made for me as well. I agree that truly the most wonderful part of this bead soup blog party is meeting like minded jewelry artists and sharing beads with them. Last time was my first as well and I loved being part of it. Good beads to you!