Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vote for my spots?

Its voting time again, folks!

I have entered my leopard earrings in the "Wild Things" challenge over at Crowd Jewel.

Crowd Jewel is a "crowdsourcing" jewelry design platform. Users (the “crowd”) rate the designs, and CrowdJewel manufactures and sells the winners! A great opportunity for lesser known designers to get recognized. They are a team of 3 women who started this venture. I exchanged a few emails with them about how it works (basically with questions that were not addressed on the website) before I submitted and they came across as very friendly and helpful ladies. And lastly, I love their web design. Its so visually appealing!

So...here's the link to the challenge. Do vote for me if you like my design :)


  1. Kashmira - Love these!! I'm going to vote right now. These are really awesome earrings - you definitely have an eye for design.

  2. These are great Kashmira! I absolutely love them and I hope you win the challenge. I just voted for you and tied you up with the number one person. Yours was my favorite. I am excited to say that aside from those little bells you used in the middle, I think I have most of these components and I am going to make myself a similar piece. I don't wear earrings but what a cute pendant this would make. Kudos Kashmira!

    1. Thank you, Peggy! You are too sweet. Yeah, a pendant would look nice, but maybe not looped like that since it needs to lay against your chest, it might not sit well. Maybe flatten out the ribbon instead of leaving it looped?

      I got the bells from etsy, I bet you can find them there. Let me know if you want me to dig into my account and see where I got mine.