Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The view from their window...

Mrs Bakshi of Project Why just shared this slideshow. It is a photography project made by the 4th and 5th grade kids studying there. Some amazing shots of friends, family, games they play, their lives and their environment, and lastly of the little kid photographers themselves.

These photographs may not win awards and accolades, but they are an amazing view of the world from their eyes, something a lot of us may not see...what struck me most was the "water" and "food" sections.
And the "family" sections. You can feel the love in their eyes!


  1. My goodness, Kashmira, I felt like a child myself watching this wonderful slideshow. I am tempted to hand over my camera to a group of children just to see what they capture with their fresh and untainted outlook!

    Yes, I did indeed see the poverty; but the heartfelt images, deft editing and mesmerizing soundtrack uplifted those five minutes, and allowed me to glimpse a sublime inner beauty that cannot be separated from its rough veneer.

    I felt I should check out Mrs. Bakshi's blog... and what an amazing place! Her stories, at once impassioned and gentle, are the chronicle of the humble and hidden (but never despairing) people who are her world.

    I read a bit, then skipped to her first posting, because I'm always intrigued as to why one blogs. And there it was, in capsule: "so much that happens on this little planet needs to be shared and remembered..." I will return to visit Anouradha Bakshi's little planet. She possesses both a sight and a voice that is true.

    Please forgive the long comment, Kashmira. I am SLOWLY learning to edit my rambling... but just a little LOL

  2. I meant to say, also, Kashmira, I couldn't find any link to your shop here on your blog. I did find a link, but in a roundabout way, through Fusion Muse.

  3. What an amazing video Kasmira - thank you so much for sharing this! I sat in amazement,...looking through their eyes. The children at the end all look so happy and proud of their accomplishments that I just couldn't help smiling back at them here on my computer screen - it was beautiful!